Practical Princess

A few months ago, I referred to myself as a “practical princess”. My fiancé got a nice chuckle out of that, but what he may not realize is…my self-proclamation has some truth.

God blessed me with an eye for detail, creativity, excellent taste and an appreciation of the finer things. However, I fell short with the abundance of cash to satisfy all those blessings! I have to work hard for every penny, so necessity forces me to be a bit more…practical.

Not to say that I haven’t spent money on things that may not always be practical. I mean, a girl can only sacrifice so much! But, when there is something I can do myself, as opposed to “buying” a service to do it for me, I can be very self-sufficient.

Keune Hair Color

KUENE Hair Color

For example, a woman can spend quite a bit on herself just with monthly trips to the salon. I happen to know that regular hair & nail services can set you back a few hundred dollars a month. Before you freak out you men out there, keep in mind that almost every woman I know spends at least this much just on hair, beauty products & clothes each month, just to maintain herself to a decent standard. And, you guys expect us to look good all the time, so HUSH!

Having high standards typically comes with a price.  Either you have to have some impressive skills, or you need to cut corners whenever possible.  If you have a balance of both, you are golden.

Making some practical choices can keep you looking fabulous without landing you on the streets.  Two of my favorite DIY practical appearance choices involve my hair & nails. I was introduced to a hair color product several years ago by a hair designer friend of mine.  She helped me determine the best solution for me and gave me some of her product and a few tutorials, so I could do it myself at home.  Over the last 6 years I figure I have saved quite a bundle as a result.  Thank you, my friend and Kuene Tinta Color #9.2!

CND Shellac

CND Shellac

Recently, after admiring a friend’s beautifully manicured nails I decided I would try my hand at doing manicures myself.  There was a time when I had invested a small fortune in getting my acrylic French nails done every few weeks.  But that was before I had two children and faced a Recession.  After finding out what products my friend used, I decided to give it a try myself, and Voila!   Professional looking gel nails at a fraction of the cost!  Not to mention all the time saved.  Thanks to you too, my dear friend and CND Shellac, color Satin Pajamas!

So, Ladies…if you consider yourself somewhat of a princess, you don’t have to remove those tiaras and sacrifice your high(ness) standards! Wear your self-proclaimed status proud! Just try a practical approach sometimes.

Life as I Know It

Life is like riding a bike!

What Bike are You Riding?

What Bike are You Riding?

In comparing my life to riding a bike, I find that at any given time I am pedaling, coasting, steering, changing gears, breaking or crashing.  Lately, I have been doing a lot of pedaling (or back-pedaling), changing gears and breaking.  I have also come pretty close to crashing!

The kind of bike you are riding in life is very important.  I prefer riding a cruiser bike, like the one pictured here.  They are more comfortable, and that makes a big difference if you are going for a very long ride…which seems to be the case most of the time for me.  However, if you find yourself off-roading, it makes more sense to be equipped with a sturdy mountain bike.  Often I forget this step, which results in a very sore back side.

In any case, having a destination is the key element in actually getting anywhere in life.  Oh, but you must pay attention along the way.  An occasional deviation from the main road could lead to a nice adventure, but you could also find yourself in a ditch.  As long as you get back on the main trail at some point, you’ll be fine.

So, where are you going?  What bike will you be riding?

Life as I Know It

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What does Your Closet Reveal About You?

His & Hers Closet

His & Hers Closet

Brave as it may be to share an actual photo of my closet, I couldn’t resist comparing the difference between the two sides and contemplating how it relates to personality types.  I have always been one who needs some order in my life, and I have always had a pride in how things (including my own appearance) look.  After having children, I was forced to relax my standards a bit, but despite the many challenges I have faced over the last several years, I feel that maintaining some structure and order has actually helped me keep my life in order.  Silly as it may seem, my ability to visualize things (even how to organize my closet) has helped me tremendously in achieving my personal and career goals.  In fact, it has been a neccessity.  Closets, in my opinion, reveal a lot about a person and their life in general.  Take a look in your closet.  What do you think it says about you?

Life as I Know It