Life is like riding a bike!

What Bike are You Riding?

What Bike are You Riding?

In comparing my life to riding a bike, I find that at any given time I am pedaling, coasting, steering, changing gears, breaking or crashing.  Lately, I have been doing a lot of pedaling (or back-pedaling), changing gears and breaking.  I have also come pretty close to crashing!

The kind of bike you are riding in life is very important.  I prefer riding a cruiser bike, like the one pictured here.  They are more comfortable, and that makes a big difference if you are going for a very long ride…which seems to be the case most of the time for me.  However, if you find yourself off-roading, it makes more sense to be equipped with a sturdy mountain bike.  Often I forget this step, which results in a very sore back side.

In any case, having a destination is the key element in actually getting anywhere in life.  Oh, but you must pay attention along the way.  An occasional deviation from the main road could lead to a nice adventure, but you could also find yourself in a ditch.  As long as you get back on the main trail at some point, you’ll be fine.

So, where are you going?  What bike will you be riding?

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